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Birthdate:Nov 26
Location:Virginia, United States of America

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace. Barack Obama

Karen. 16. Female. Liberal. Bisexual. Atheist. Optimistic. Idealist. Sagittarius. Politico.
I am a high school student living in southwest Virginia, and I couldn't hate it here more. I hope to major in PoliSci one day. I want to make a career out of that, but if it doesn't work out I think I'd be a pretty kickass English teacher, as well. I have OCD and insomnia, I watch an obscene amount of television and read an awful lot of fanfiction, but other than that I'm pretty okay. I also make graphics and icons.
I will friend just about anyone who comments on my FO entry (as long as we have something in common!), and I try to read all the entries on my flist and comment as often as possible. Truthfully the only reason my journal is FO is because I'm incredibly paranoid someone I know in real life will find it.
Rahm Emanuel: Whoring Out Obama, For America.
The sun never sets on being a badass. - Amanda.
The Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, AC 360º, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SNL, Scrubs, Strangers With Candy, Monk, Psych, The Office, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, House
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Tom Perriello, Sarah Chalke, Johnny C. McGinley, Zach Braff, John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones, Steve Carell, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Olivia Wilde, Tiny Fey, Seth Meyers

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{ means being the armed one in a battle of wits. }

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30 rock, aasif mandvi, ac 360º, acting, all time low, alphabetical order, amy sedaris, anderson cooper, art, autumn, barack obama, being loquacious, bizarre words, boston, brie; a soft cheese, burn notice, capslock, christmas, chuck noblet, cleaning, comedy writers, compulsing, conan o'brien, cool kids, correct grammar, david sedaris, demetri martin, democrats, disney, disney channel, dorkiness, dreams, e.r., ed helms, embarrassing myself in public, equal rights, evan almighty, even stephven, exit 57, fake news, fall out boy, family guy, fanfiction, feminism, ferris bueller's day off, filliam h. muffman, forrest gump, free speech, french, fresh prince of bel-air, fueled by ramen, funky accents, futurama, gay rights, geoffrey jellineck, halloween, harry potter, hot showers, house m.d., hugh laurie, icons, immaturity, improv, in plain sight, insomnia, jason jones, jerri blank, john hodgman, john oliver, johnny c. mcginley, johnny depp, jon stewart, jon/stephen, joshua radin, laptops, laughing, laziness, lewis black, liberalism, lists, looking at the stars, lulz, maturity, michael scott, mo rocca, monk, music, mythbusters, noblet/jellineck, nyc, obsessing, obsessive compulsive disorder, old school nickelodeon, panic at the disco, papa bear, paul dinello, photography, pirates, politics, pundits, pysch, rahm emanuel - bamf, rahmbamarama, ravenclaws, remus lupin, ridiculous hats, rob corddry, rob riggle, rollercoasters, samantha bee, scissor sisters, scrubs, separation of church&state, shipping everyone!, sims 2, sirius black, south park, stephen colbert, stephen's character breaks, stephen/jon, stephen/steve, steve carell, strangers with candy, superbad, swc, tad-the-building-manager, tcr, tds, tek jansen, the 40 year-old virgin, the colbert report, the daily show, the fray, the office, the wørd, tony shalhoub, truthiness, tv, v-i-c-t-o-r-y: hobo camp?, wearing glasses, whose line, winter, women's rights, writing, zach braff
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